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(Accredited course CPCCOHS 1001A)

The Construction Safety Regulations require that a person must not be allowed or directed to carry out construction work unless they have undergone WHS construction induction training in the following three areas:

1.      A general WHS induction training course;
2.      A work activity WHS induction training course; and
3.      Site specific WHS training.


The objective of WHS induction training is to familiarise participants with basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry in order to assist in the prevention of injury and illness at work.  The training is provided in the form of a documented training course approved by WorkCover.

Frequency of Training

Any person re-entering the industry after an absence of two consecutive years or more will require retraining in WHS induction.  At present, WHS induction training provided in accordance with this code of practice is only required to be provided once.  There is no expiry date on the card issued by WorkCover, however it is appropriate to remain informed on WorkCover's current requirements at all times.

Course Content

The WHS induction training will include at least the following health and safety topics:

a.   WHS responsibilities at the workplace
b.   Outline of responsibilities of supervisors
c.   Consultation at the workplace
d.   Health and safety information at the workplace
e.   Identifying safety signs
f.   The function of work method statements
g.   Principles of risk management
      (identification, assessment and control)
h.   Reporting mechanisms for unsafe conditions and accidents/incidents
i.    Role and function of health and safety committees
j.    Emergencies and first aid requirements
k.   Worker's compensation and injury management
l.     Overview of common industry hazards including the following:
  • manual handling
  • hazardous substances
  • noise
  • operation of plant
  • UV radiation
  • HIV and blood borne infection
  • electrical work
  • working near traffic
  • working at heights
  • hazards associated with drugs and alcohol
m.     Personal protective equipment (PPE).

Duration of the Course

Approximately 7 hours

Both public courses and on site training available.  12-20 people per course required for on site groups.

Note:         100 Points of EVIDENCE of IDENTITY (EOI) is required on the day of training

A WorkCover Statement of Training and a Statement of Attainment from Safetalk is provided to each successful participant on completion of the course.  WorkCover subsequently mails a card to each individual.

With effect from 1 September 2009, WorkCover NSW has stated that Trainers must conduct a 100-point evidence of identity (EOI) check for each participant immediately prior to the commencement of the training.
The EOI documents provided by the participants must include:
 a.  photo b.  date of birth c.  current address d.  signature
Participants  MUST provide EOI that  adds up to 100 points AND includes the above items.   ALL documents provided must be original.  Certified copies will NOT be accepted. ID that is NOT on the list below will NOT be accepted and you will NOT be permitted to attend the course. Special provisions for the following groups are permitted: School Sector, Correctional Centres, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Overseas persons recently arrived in Australia (less than 6 weeks). If you do not have the ID listed below AND fall into one of the “special provisions” categories, please contact us for a list of accepted “special provisions” EOI.

Primary Documents

Only use ONE primary document
 Australian Birth Certificate or Birth Card issued by the Registrar of   Births, Deaths and Marriages (minimum age 14 years)  70
 Passport (Australian or International) that is current, or
 expired within the last 2 years but not cancelled
 Australian Citizenship Certificate  70
Secondary Documents

Allowed to use a combination of secondary documents

If you want to use credit and saving account cards, these must be from different banks

 Current Australian issued Driver's Licence
 Current Australian issued Learner Driver's License/Permit
 Current Australian Boat Operator's Licence with Photo
 Current NSW Firearm's Photo Licence
 Current Australian issued NCOC Photo Licence (post 2006) or   High Risk Work Licence
 Current Australian State or Territory Proof of Age/Photo
 Card (eg. NSW RTA issued photo card)
 Australian Defence or Police photo identification card
 Department of Veterans Affairs card
 Centerlink card
 Property (Council) rates notice
 Property lease agreement
 A Utility bill (eg water, electricity, gas)
 Telephone account
 Credit cards/savings accounts cards/banks statements
 Medicare card
 Motor vehicle registration or insurance documents

WorkCover NSW – 01 Sept 2009 WorkCover 15 – Evidence of Identity Requirements – Sept 09

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