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The WHSAct 2011 and HSRegulation 2011 are LAW

We are committed to assisting businesses to provide a safer work environment. WorkCover NSW conducts random inspections to ensure companies are observing the requirements of current legislation.
As a decision-maker, it is your responsibility to meet these requirements. Below are some questions which may help you to establish if you are complying with the law in NSW:
  • Do I know or understand what is required of me as an employer?
  • Have I implemented risk management procedures?
  • Do I consult with my employees on WHS matters?
  • Do we have an WHS Committee or WHS  Representative?
  • Have I provided the WHS Committee or WHS Representative with proper training?
  • Do I provide appropriate training for all employees?
  • Do I have a Consultation Statement?
  • Do I induct employees into our workplace?
  • Have I implemented emergency/evacuation procedures?
  • Have I provided WHS induction training for construction work (white card)?
  • Are my forklift truck and other industrial equipment operators licensed?
These are just some of the issues under the current Act and regulations with which you must comply. If you are unsure of your legal obligations, we offer free consultation to discuss and help you assess your current situation.

We are proud of our reputation for reliable service and high quality  accredited training. Our versatile approach caters to the diverse needs of individuals, as well as small and large businesses.
Enclosed is information and prices on a range of services we offer which we believe may be of great value to you. Should you have any questions or if you would like to further discuss our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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