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Forklift Truck (LF)
Order Picking Forklift Truck (LO)
Elevating Work Platform (WP)

In accordance with the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulations 2011, under Duty of Care, an employer must provide an employee with instruction, training and supervision. The operator must receive prior practical and theory (knowledge) training in accordance with the National Assessment criteria in order to pass assessment. Training books can be purchased from Forktalk . WorkCover’s knowledge questions and assessment information – an Assessment Instrument for each licence code – can be accessed from our website on

The High Risk Work (HRW) summative assessment for the licence is conducted by a WorkCover accredited Assessor from Forktalk at your site or ours.

In order for assessment for certification to be conducted, suitable equipment is required (forklift or elevating work platform) together with an appropriate area to conduct the assessment. Operators must be over 18 years of age and provide 100 points of proof of identification, as per WorkCover NSW requirements, at the time of the assessment. Operators must also produce evidence of passing a formative assessment and either a LOG BOOK or ‘record of training’ which has been maintained over a reasonable amount of time as evidence of prior training under supervision of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). The log book or record of training must be correctly filled out and must not be backdated. Log books can be obtained from  Forktalk.

Our assessment procedure will proceed as follows (unless otherwise arranged with the Assessor):

The Assessor will have ALL applicants together in a training/conference room to sit the theory assessment (they can choose either written or verbal options). Please allow approximately one (1) hour for this. The Assessor will then send all operators back to continue their usual work and conduct the practical assessment for one person at a time. Please allow approximately 45 minutes per person/assessment for this. Should an operator NOT pass the assessment, they will have to wait 21 days before they can be reassessed and will have to pay another assessment fee.

Fees for assessment at your site are from $250 per assessment based on quantities –
                              i.e. 1-2 assessments; 3+ assessments, etc.

A Service Call-Out Fee is charged per non-assessments that are booked and do not take place

Please note: WorkCover requires that both a formative and a summative assessment must be passed to gain the licence. Formative assessments are conducted toward the end of the training period and must be passed before sitting the final summative assessment.

In order for a summative assessment for licensing to be conducted, operators must have passed the formative assessment, be over 18 years of age and provide 100 points of evidence of identity to the Assessor on the day of assessment as per WorkCover NSW requirements (see following page). Please be aware that on the day of assessment students may be here later than the estimated finishing time.

A Statement of Attainment is provided by Forktalk for each participant on successful completion of the summative assessment and the WorkCover accredited Assessor will issue the applicant with two copies of a Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NSA). The pink copy will be an interim certificate which
is valid as a licence for up to sixty (60) days from the date of issue. The applicant  must take the other paperwork issued by the Assessor, together with the required fee to an Australia Post Office for processing. WorkCover NSW will mail a credit-card sized photo licence to the applicant in due course.

REQUIREMENTS (for High Risk Work [HRW] licenses, e.g. forklift)

An applicant is to provide Evidence of Identity (EOI) documents that add up to 100 points. These should be the same documents that will be provided to an Australia Post Customer Service Officer as evidence of identity when the application is lodged. ALL documents must be original documents. Certified copies will not be accepted.

The EOI documents provided by the participants must include:

a. photo          b. date of birth           c. current address             d. signature

If the documents do not add up to 100 points AND contain these forms of identification, assessment will not take place.

An Australia Post Customer Service Officer will ask you to provide documents of identity that add up to 100 POINTS or MORE. Generally these documents will be the same that the Assessor has used to verify your identity prior to conducting the assessment.

Take original documents with you to your participating Australia Post Bank@Post NSW/ACT outlet. Certified copies will not be accepted by Australia Post. The combination of documents used MUST show an example of your date of birth; current residential address; contain a photograph of yourself and a sample of your signature. If you do not have these forms of identification, your application will not be accepted.

Primary Documents

Only use ONE primary document
 Australian Birth Certificate or Birth Card issued by the Registrar of   Births, Deaths and Marriages (minimum age 14 years)  70
 Passport (Australian or International) that is current, or
 expired within the last 2 years but not cancelled
 Australian Citizenship Certificate  70
Secondary Documents

Allowed to use a combination of secondary documents

If you want to use credit and saving account cards, these must be from different banks

 Current Australian issued Driver's Licence
 Current Australian issued Learner Driver's License/Permit
 Current Australian Boat Operator's Licence with Photo
 Current NSW Firearm's Photo Licence
 Current Australian issued NCOC Photo Licence (post 2006) or   High Risk Work Licence
 Current Australian State or Territory Proof of Age/Photo
 Card (eg. NSW RTA issued photo card)
 Australian Defence or Police photo identification card
 Department of Veterans Affairs card
 Centerlink card
 Property (Council) rates notice
 Property lease agreement
 A Utility bill (eg water, electricity, gas)
 Telephone account
 Credit cards/savings accounts cards/banks statements
 Medicare card
 Motor vehicle registration or insurance documents

WorkCover NSW – 01 Sept 2009 WorkCover 15 – Evidence of Identity Requirements – Sept 09
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