bridge crane training

Pendant or remote control type

The operation of a bridge or gantry crane which is controlled from a location remote to a permanent cabin/control station on the crane (such as pendant control) and that has three or less powered operations does not require a certificate (hoist, raise and lower is one operation).

This is a half day training course in the operation of a pendant (or pendulum) control type bridge crane to be carried out at your site and is supervised by an experienced Forktalk instructor at all times.

Forktalk provides a booklet as part of the course which contains a list of questions in the back to assist in operator training. Sessions include both theory and practical safety, operator responsibilities, pre-operational and post-operational checks, safe operation and shutdown procedures as per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

On successful completion of training, each participant will be issued a Certificate of Attendance and our photo Skills Card if suitable photos of participants are available.

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Course Attendees

At Forktalk we have over 60 years of combined experience in training.

For you this means:

Professional trainers who will support you every step of the way

Our commitment to help you achieve your licence, even if you need extra time

Industry experience, we can tell you exactly what to expect

Purpose created text books to make it easier for you

Course Content – you will learn all about:

  • Definitions
  • Site inspection/hazard identification
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Operational checks
  • Planning the lift
  • Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Working Load Limit (WWL)
  • Transferring the load
  • Safe Operation
  • Use of lifting gear
  • Slinging information
  • Post-operational checks

A licence is not required to operate a Bridge Crane (pendant type), however, in accordance with the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017 under Duty of Care, an employer must provide an employee with instruction, training and supervision in the safe operation of any equipment used in the workplace.

Benefits of Training

  • Improved work safety practices
  • Reduction in accidents
  • Reduction in stock damage


Half day (approximately 4 hour session)

Cost $1,400.00 (GST free) per session

On-site training for groups of up to 6 people per session

Course Organiser

For you this means:

Our aim is to meet your training needs, fit in with your budget and ensure the best results possible.

Qualified, highly skilled trainers and assessors to achieve the best out of attendees.

Peace of mind knowing that you are complying with WHS legislation and the implementation of safer work practices and procedures

Call us today to see how we can support your training needs and to provide you with a corporate deal

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